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Tuning stages

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We offer each stage of tuning as either a remap-only purchase (optionally including the APC handheld) or as a full kit that includes both software (remap+handheld) as well as all hardware parts needed for each stage (intercooler, exhaust, etc).

Scottish dealer for JW Racing / Autotech Motorsport remaps and tuning kits

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JW RacingWe have a broad selection of tuning stages for you to choose from. They are all based on the extremely popular JWR/Autotech remaps which continue to produce the most consistent remapping results on the market for the Volvo 5-cylinder engine used in several Ford models, including the RS/ST.

All JWR/Autotech remaps give a very smooth and progressive torque/power delivery all the way up to the rev limiter (7,100 rpm). There is simply no early power drop off with these remaps as opposed to many other remaps on the market that tend to run out of steam already at 6,000 rpm.

The progressive nature of these remaps means you will be able to take full advantage of the performance added to your car. Even at 440 bhp you will feel just how controllable the power is, and there will be none of that crazy wheel spin which remaps from other companies introduce even at stage 1 with a mere 340 bhp output due to silly torque spikes that will ruin the overall experience as well as cause a jerky feel driving around town where the power comes on/off in an uncontrollable manner.

Countless of independent dyno results from customer all over the world show the same consistent results every single time, with noticeable gains in performance for every step up the WRTuning/JWR/Autotech tuning ladder.

The Autotech Program Carrier (APC) handheldAPC Autotech Program Carrier

The aspect of software tuning (remaps) is handled via the Autotech Program Carrier (APC) handheld which for the Focus RS mkII is a unique device with features not seen by alternative products in the market place. The APC handheld allows for easy reprogramming of the vehicle’s ECU via the OBDII port. The APC handheld will also hold your OEM Ford map, and additional maps can be added at extra cost when you feel it is time to upgrade again. Switching between maps is easy with the APC handheld and only takes a couple of minutes to complete.APC handheld device


  • Non-invasive flash reprogramming through the vehicle OBDII connector
  • Easy-to-use interface with rapid vehicle programming and information retrieval
  • Supports one vehicle, with multiple maps (additional vehicles can be added as an upgrade (up to 5 in total))
  • DTC Support – Read and clear DTCs for all control modules in the vehicle (this is optional at additional cost)
  • System includes the APC handheld device itself, plus ECM Sync computer software and a PC-to-APC cable for downloading new remaps from our server

APC ECM sync process


Our claimed power gains are genuine proven figures based on the rolling road these remaps were developed and tested on and with the hardware fitted to the test cars. Please take note that some of our dyno graphs show measured wheel figures and some show estimated flywheel figures.

It is only reasonable for you to assume that you will achieve similar gains from our product. All power gains are based on our own test cars, tested under strict conditions which were replicated as closely as possible in each test to ensure accuracy and consistency. Actual figures on different rolling roads may vary by small percentage up or down. Our power claims are based on the assumption that your car is achieving Fords claimed power output of 305 PS (approx. 300 bhp). Even if it is not seeing 300 bhp from standard (possibly because it is running an early Ford calibration) , our maps will update the calibration and make improvements up to the power output advised above for each tuning stage.

ECU Enabling: The ECU in the Focus RS mkII needs to be ‘BDM Enabled’ prior to use. This requires you to send your ECU to us or bringing your vehicle to us for this procedure to be completed. The enabling of the ECU takes about an hour to complete and once enabled all further programming can be completed from the APC handheld device directly through the OBDII port.