Kit includes: JWR100 map, air filter, intercooler, exhaust, 650cc fuel injectors, air intake
Kit provides: +100 bhp

JWR100K&N X-Stream air filterAirtec intercoolerExhaust systemFuel injectorsAir intake system

This stage requires even bigger injectors than the JWR80 kit. The 650cc fuel injectors allow for even more power and together with the hugely popular JWR100 map, you will see a very reliable 90-100 bhp increase in power over a standard RS. This is the kit for those wanting a proper 400 bhp RS.

The JWR100 is also a nice stepping stone for those wanting additional power hikes down the road without having to buy even bigger injectors. Simply add an inlet plenum to your JWR100 setup, and together with further map tweaks from the very strong JWR120i, you’ll see around 420 bhp. However, keep in mind that an uprated JWR fuel pump is recommended with the JWR120i to ensure proper fueling at that power level. Further add the hybrid turbo and you have a real 440 bhp beast (aka JWR140).

JWR100 dynosheet
Graph shows measured wheel power as well as estimated flywheel/clutch power.