Kit includes: JWR120i map, air filter, intercooler, exhaust, 650cc fuel injectors, air intake, inlet plenum, (JWR fuel pump)
Kit provides: +120 bhp

JWR120iK&N X-Stream air filterAirtec intercoolerExhaust systemFuel injectorsAir intake systemElevate inlet plenumJWR fuel pump

Add to the JWR100 an inlet plenum and, optionally but recommended, the JWR uprated fuel pump, and you have a very solid 110-120 bhp over standard RS power. Some customers even see up to 430 bhp with this setup, and the JWR120i is quickly becoming one of the most popular JWR tuning kits due to the immense power and reasonable price.

Prior to the JWR120i (where ‘i’ refers to inlet), the former JWR120 (now called the JWR120t where ‘t’ refers to turbo) added a hybrid turbo instead of an inlet plenum for increased power, but since the hybrid turbo is more expensive than an inlet plenum, the newer JWR120i is now the preferred 120 kit for most.

However, the JWR120t is still an option for those who wish to add a hybrid turbo without also adding an uprated inlet plenum. Keep in mind, though, that the standard plastic inlet plenum is weak and several have exploded, causing major grief for the owners. So we advise that you opt for an uprated plenum before thinking of getting the hybrid turbo.

JWR120i dynosheet
Graph shows power measured directly at the wheels.