Kit includes: JWR140 map, air filter, intercooler, exhaust, 650cc fuel injectors, air intake, inlet plenum, hybrid turbo, JWR fuel pump
Kit provides: +140 bhp

JWR140K&N X-Stream air filterAirtec intercoolerExhaust systemFuel injectorsAir intake systemElevate inlet plenumJWR fuel pumpJWR hybrid turbo

An uprated inlet plenum together with the JWR hybrid turbo on top of the JWR100 and coupled with the JWR uprated fuel pump (now essential and not just a recommendation) produces a beast of around 440 bhp!

Going much higher than this is likely to require forged engine internals for added safety so opt for the mighty JWR140 if you fancy the most powerful tuning stage on the market without wanting to upgrade your engine internals.

JWR140 dynosheetGraph shows estimated flywheel/clutch power.