Kit includes: Air filter, intercooler, exhaust
Kit provides: +20 bhp

K&N X-Stream air filterAirtec intercoolerExhaust system

We class this as the Stage 0 kit because this option (albeit more expensive than the JWR40 Stage 1) offers an alternative for those people not interested in having their ECU ‘enabled’ for re-mapping and the associated Ford Warranty implications. This combination of parts will offer a reliable 20 bhp gain over the standard RS power.

Be assured that the exhaust system will provide a fantastic sound no matter what brand you choose for your car.

A higher flowing air filter is not a strict requirement but still recommended, and as a bonus it adds a little more induction noise depending on which brand you go for. Especially the K&N X-Stream filter will add more induction noise due to its open-ended design.

JWR20 dynosheet
Graph shows power measured directly at the wheels.