Kit includes: JWR40 map
Kit provides: +40 bhp


This is a software-only tune that adds an impressive 40 bhp over standard. Optionally, you may wish to add a silicone induction hose near the airbox as the standard intake hose after can collapse under hard acceleration. Collapsed hoses have been seen on tuned cars as well as on standard cars.

The level of outright performance with this simple software tune is nearly comparable to that of the very expensive MP350 upgrade from Mountune. This tuning stage is designed for the buyer who is looking for some extra power but wants all other components to remain 100% OEM.

Although not strictly necessary, we do recommend adding an aftermarket intercooler at some point with this tune. The same recommendation will we even give for a completely standard RS as the factory-fitted intercooler is very weak, and you will experience a noticeable decrease in performance without an aftermarket intercooler on hot summer days.

JWR40 dynosheet
Graph shows measured wheel power as well as estimated flywheel/clutch power.