Kit includes: JWR80 map, air filter, intercooler, exhaust, 550cc fuel injectors, air intake
Kit provides: +80 bhp

JWR80Air intake systemK&N X-Stream air filterAirtec intercoolerExhaust systemFuel injectors

On top of the hardware requirements for the JWR60, this stage also requires bigger fuel injectors and although not a strict requirement, you will also want to upgrade your air intake system for maximum gains.

With bigger fuel injectors and an uprated air intake system power rises to 70-80 bhp over standard RS power, depending on your choice of intake. Our tests have shown the best results with GGR CAIS and ITG CAIS, but even the simple (and much cheaper) Mountune airbox lid helps to add airflow, and thus, power.

Some customers who have decided to go for the cheaper Mountune lid option, have drilled an additional 3″ intake hole in the bottom of their airbox – to further add airflow – and, optionally, attached a hose which runs down to a cool area and away from the warmest parts of the engine bay.

JWR80 dynosheet
Graph shows power measured directly at the wheels.